Thursday, November 20, 2008


Yesterday, I turned 60.

A positive if I qualify for senior rates at golf courses.

A negative in that my shoulder turn isn't what it used to be.


misterarthur said...

Happy Birthday (belated) and Happy Thanksgiving (on time). I found your blog via a comment on Rex Parker's 'blog' - and was surprised to find a Lions 'fan'. I figured you had to be from Detroit - as I am, and wanted to see where you were from. I share your likes of cycling, Flashman, Donna Leon (though not as much as Andrea Camilleri or Michael Dibdin in the "Italian Procedural Genre). Anyway, have a great day. Best, Arthur

Chip Hilton said...

Thanks for the note. On the Lions, I'm not actually a fan (nor am I from Detroit) but I'd just like to see them win one! The kid qb they played earlier this year, Dan Orlovsky, played at UConn and I, being from a New Haven suburb, root for UConn alums (mostly in the NBA, like your Pistons player, Rip Hamilton).

Was saddened by Dibdin's passing this year. I, too, loved his books, especially 'Cosi fan Tutte', which was manically hysterical. Come to think of it, we lost G. M. Fraser as well. Brillaint character, Flashy. My favorite was 'Flashman in the Great Game', about the Indian Mutiny.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, as well.


chefbea said...

Hi there - where in Ct. are you? Any where near the other rexites here in ct. ?

mac said...

Good to hear you're coming to Westport, as well. We are beginning to talk about having dinner afterward (Karen lives 4 hours away and is staying overnight), and hope that you will join us as well. I'm sure spouses are welcome.
Back to training....